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Summer Camp Registration Now Open!

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Private Music Lessons

Private Music Lesson are offered as an after-school program. Please click on the tab labeled Private Lessons on the left menu bar to select the specified instrument or click on Overview. Lesson Packages range from 

All Private Music Lesson Packages must be paid in full or placed on a payment plan prior to the first lesson. 

Packages are completed by semester. 

For more information please contact Martin Dimitrov at mdimitrov@thevillageschool.com

Bus Registration--Fall registration opens soon

  • There will be two bus registration time frames:  
    Fall (August 2018- December 2018) and Spring (January 2019 - May 2019).  
  • There will be no refunds after August 31, 2018.  
    So please be thoughtful about your choices.

  • Registration during the year is based on space availability and can be prorated. 
  • For each bus route you will have a choice of morning only, afternoon only or morning and afternoon service.  If you sign up for only morning OR only afternoon service and later want to add the other service, please contact Anshus@thevillageschool.com   Should you decide during the fall term that you do not need the bus anymore, simply do not sign up when Spring registration opens.  Your child may continue to use the bus service as needed until December 21.
  • Signing up for more than one child?  Use the following discount codes:            
    Child #2-am&pm service--sibampm   Child #2--one way (either directions)--siboneway
    Child #3--am&pm--child3roundtrip   Child #3--one way (either direction)--child3oneway
  • The ASAP site will not ask you for a specific location for pick up/ drop off.  You are signing up for a seat on a bus—not a specific stop. Once we get nearer to the start of school you will receive a e-mail asking for your preference. 

Registration tips:

  • Families who do not have an ASAP account will need to create one prior to registering. You can do this on the homepage of the registration site by clicking “Log In” then “Create New Account”.

  • To register for an Event click on the tab "Events"

  • Returning families please log in with your current account.

  • Classes will be listed under the left hand tab labeled ACE. From there you will have the option to navigate through daily ACE offerings.

  • Please read carefully when selecting classes. Every class has the appropriate grade level listed next to it.

**Should you get an error message on your child’s age requirement please click continue if they are indeed enrolled in the proper age class.


After you've completed your enrollment registration form you will be taken to the payment page where you can pay your fees by credit card or debit card. Please note to pay by check you will need to come in person to register with an ACE representative. 

Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Kayla Guanajuato via email kguanajuato@thevillageschool.com  or Grainne Fell at fell@thevillageschool.com for questions in regards to enrollment.

*When registering multiple students for multiple programs please enroll one student at a time.*