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Finna Mad Science Wednesday (PK3-4)


Put on your goggles and lab is time to have some FUN! Join us this semester as we learn science through hands-on experiments and interactive demonstrations. Our Mad Scientists make science easy to understand and spark imaginative learning. 


Body Basics

Study the science of your insides! You’ll even get to wear them on the outside with your very own Mad Science Anatomy Apron!


Eliminate the mystery in chemistry! Explore one of the most exciting and fundamental sciences as you grow a crazy crystal garden and make your own “chemical” soda pop!

Fun-damental Forces

Gravity… Inertia… Centripetal force... Who could ever imagine that an introduction to physics could be so much fun? We’ll experience these awesome forces for ourselves and build some cool devices!

Science of Magic

Magic? No… It’s science! You’ll learn the secrets behind famous magic that you can recreate for yourself! Mother Nature has some tricks of her own, and we’d like to show you what’s up her sleeve!

Stunt Planes and Gliders

The Wright Brothers would be proud as we follow in their footsteps and learn the fundamental principles of flight. Build a “football” glider, a “Delta Dart” and your very own loop-flying stunt plane.

Ecosystem Explorations

Everything on earth is dependent on something else! Find out how animals, plants, and our earth are connected. Make your own biosphere to take home.

Energy & Motion

Children explore the concept of energy and how energy gets things moving in this workshop that uses toys to help explain simple energy ideas.


Preschoolers discover all about insects – where they come from, stages of their growth, how they eat and even make some of their own to take home during this class.

Measure for Measure

Students will learn the basics of measurement during this workshop when they get to measure all kinds of objects using balance beam scales, bathroom scales and even their own feet!

Sea, Sand & Surf

Children will explore the science of the sea when they learn about what sand is made from, how shells are used by animals for protection and what animals live in the ocean. They will make their own ocean bottle!

Shapes & Structures

Children will discover different shapes and structures by using different kinds of equipment like Geoboards and Magnatiles. They will create their own structure to take home using cornstarch based “noodles.”

Also Fluttering Birds, Healthy Choices, Harnessing Heat, Laser Light, Movie Effects, Optical Illusions, Science of Art, Science of Toys and Let's Look Closely

Grade Range: Pre-K - Pre-K


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