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Elementary Basketball Friday (3rd-5th)


Village Coach Brandon Christy will bring his basketball skills training course to Elementary this semester! Students will learn to love the game of basketball through skill work and competitive game play weekly. 

Skill Curriculum Breakdown:
Ball handling
- Stationary
- In motion
- Manipulation
- Fun competitive games (dribble knockout, dribble tag, team tag, sharks & minnows)

- Technique (hand placement, follow thru, rotation)
- Finishing at the rim
- Footwork
- Pick-up into the shot
- Fun competitive games (knockout, team shooting competitions)

- Proper form
- Bounce pass, chest pass, overhead pass
- How to pass around defenders
- Fun competitive games (passing tag, 3v2;4v3)

- Proper defensive stance (legs low, feet wide, palms out)
- Rebounding
- Agility/Conditioning
- Fun competitive games (Defensive slide races, zig-zag drill)

Good Teammate
- Be positive with other players
- Be the teammate you would like to play with
- Weekly Challenges to be a great teammate

Grade Range: 3 - 5


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