Geometry provides students with experiences that deepen their understanding of two and three-dimensional objects and their properties. Students will use both deductive and inductive reasoning to draw conclusions about the properties and relationships of geometric objects. Topics include: points, lines, angles and planes, parallel and perpendicular line relationships, properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, right triangle trigonometry, perimeter and area of two-dimensional objects, and surface area and volume of three-dimensional objects. Use of the graphing calculator is also incorporated. 

Dates: June 8 - June 25

             No classes week of June 29 - July 3

             July 6 - July 23

Weekly Schedule: Monday-Thursday, 9:00-3:00 pm

Fee: $1,500

Additional Fee: Book fees will apply. 

Important Information and FAQs:

  • Courses are fast-paced and meant for advancement. Students who struggle in math could find the pace of the course difficult.

  • Students can miss NO MORE than two days of a course to receive credit for the course. Any more than three absences will mean a loss of credit, and no refunds for course fees can be given.

  • These courses ARE NOT online and no exceptions will be made to provide them online.

  • Grades received in these courses are not included in a student’s GPA.

  • Credit received for the courses will be noted in the “Transcript Notes” for “Other Credits”. No numerical grade will be listed.

  • If the course is being taken for advancement, a student must pass the course with at least an 85%. Any lower grade indicates that the student will struggle if placed in the next math course.

  • If the course is being taken for credit recovery of a failed semester, two important notes need to be made: 1) even if credit need only be recovered for one semester, the entire summer course must be attended, and 2) the course must be passed with at least a 60% to recover credit for the purpose of graduation only.

  • These courses are meant for current Village School students, and we do not guarantee that these courses will be accepted at any other school in the U.S. or abroad for transfer purposes.



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